Assistant Nurse Manager – 7S Neurosciences ICU – Full Time 10 Hour Days (Exempt) (Non-Union) – (Los Angeles, California, United States)

The Assistant Nurse Manager, in collaboration with and under the direction of the Department Nurse Manager, is accountable for ongoing leadership and operations of the assigned area(s) and for nursing care safety and quality. The Assistant Nurse Manager uses sound human resource and budget principles to guide the daily provision of nursing services to patients and families. The Assistant Nurse Manager participates in organizational and unit-based quality improvement activities and provides input on standard of care. The Assistant Nurse Manager supports comprehensive patient and family services through effective participation with the interdisciplinary team.

Essential Duties:

  • 1. Collaborates with the Department Nurse Manager to provide leadership for nursing staff and the interdisciplinary patient care team to support high quality care of patients and families (as evidenced by increased patient satisfaction, decreased HAI, staff conversation records/disciplines, incident report follow ups completed in a timely manner and other measures as applicable). a. Acts as a role model and steward to the shared vision, mission, values, and service excellence standards of the organization and the Department of Nursing, demonstrating application of the Professional Practice Model. b. Instill the Keck values in staff and holds them accountable to the standards set for service excellence and the professional practice of nursing. c. Maintains positive and collaborative professional relationship with peers, management, physicians and patients/families to ensure patient-centered care. d. Shares responsibility for nursing process and outcomes, providing staff performance coaching for process and quality improvement, including the development of action plans through shared-governance committees/councils. e. Encourages staff to provide input and make decisions supported by evidenced-based practice to improve patient and family care and the work environment. f. Provide opportunities to Involves staff in projects, conferences, professional certification, and educational advancement that encourage and provide professional growth and development. g. Oversees performance management, including developing individualized action plans to support staff development to meet or exceed quality, performance and organizational goals. h. Promotes cohesive work teams and constructive conflict resolution, actively supporting intra- and inter-professional teamwork, within the department. i. Maintains knowledge of federal, state and local regulatory requirements that impact clinical services and professional practice to ensure efficient quality of care is provided and is in compliance with established organizational goals. j. Maintains clinical competence (serve as Super user as needed) k. Addresses quality of care concerns and Intervenes to ensure a safe environment for patients and staff up to and including comprehensive review of reportable events. l. Supervises care provided by maintaining high visibility and accessibility to patients/families and staff in the clinical area(s) through purposeful staff and patient rounding with timely follow-up on quality, performance and behavioral issues. m. Monitors staff compliance with bedside reporting. n. Information for patients and staff is delivered in a manner that is supportive, timely, and understandable. o. Provides coverage for department manager in addition to coverage for other departments in their absence. p. Timely completion of incident report follow ups (SRMs)
  • 2. Collaborates with the Department Nurse Manager to provide the personnel, workplace, and technology resources necessary for the provision of safe, high Department quality patient and family care (as evidenced by competencies completed, staff satisfaction, completion and improvement of audits, decreased staff delinquencies and other measures as applicable). a. Oversees daily department operations in collaboration with the department leadership team, staff, and interdisciplinary stakeholders to include the supervision and coordination of patient assignments based on staff competency and level of acuity. b. In collaboration with departmental shared-governance committees, utilize the departmental staff engagement survey to develop actions plans to improve the workplace. c. Provides input to Department Nurse Manager for additional, different, and/or new personnel, workplace, and technology resources. d. Assists with recruitment, personnel selection and conduct interviews. Submits new hire / transfer paperwork as well as prepares orientation schedules for full-time, part-time, per diem and contract staff. Also validates, monitors, and evaluates orientation process in collaboration with educator/CNS. e. Conducts timely 90-day and annual evaluations for staff -and participate in staff interviews, setting clear staff performance expectations, including the administration of first step progressive discipline and up to the second step in collaboration with the Department Nurse Manager. f. Monitors the adequacy of supplies and equipment necessary for patient care, adjusting the par level and advocating for additional supplies when needed. g. Provides input to the technology resources available for patient care, seeking staff input during the decision making and selection processes, as well as during ongoing use. h. Demonstrates reflective leadership and uses self appraisal, performance appraisal, Department Manager input, and peer review to assist with professional development. i. Maintains membership in at least one professional organization, participating on key practice issues. j. Maintains all records and oversees the completion by staff of mandatory competencies to meet regulatory requirements, ensures on-going adherence, and monitors for compliance in collaboration with Educator. k. Monitors compliance with clinical documentation and quality reports to include but not limited to narcotic counts, hand-hygiene compliance, HAI, medication errors, etc and conduct timely follow-up as needed. l. Ensures timely completion of all employee work related injury reports and follow through to completion. m. Participate and respond to Code Triage.
  • 3. Collaborates with the Department Nurse Manager with the application of new knowledge and innovation to advance improvements at the department level (as evidenced by staff satisfaction scores, staff involvement in meetings and quality committees and other measures as applicable). a. Provides constructive input and contributes to department and organizational planning as it relates to education programs, in-services, meetings, committees, and professional initiatives. b. Leads staff meetings and/or shift huddles as directed by Nurse Manager. c. Shares responsibility for the outcomes of quality improvement initiatives, contributes to improvement efforts, and champions change by identifying obstacles and requesting resources for effective improvement programs. d. Utilizing the JUST culture and in collaboration with department manager, review and investigation events identified through reporting system and provide staff education and / or performance management up to written disciplinary action as needed. e. Contribute towards staff awareness of departmental and organizational updates and changes by ensuring that daily huddle boards are updated and assisting department manager with preparation of the departmental weekly updates. Contributes to policy and procedure development and updates. f. Plans and coordinates with Nurse Educator/CNS the educational classes/courses required for the department, including but not limited to annual skills, department skills, point-of-care and competency validation testing. g. Supports staff participation in continuous improvement efforts and facilitates their contribution. h. Makes a measurable commitment to personal professional development in order to adapt effectively to ongoing change and coach and mentor staff to do the same.
  • 4. Collaborate with the Department Nurse Manager to effectively manage the department operating budget, identifies and recommends capital expenditures, and plans new programs or services (as evidenced by HPPD, decreased overtime and doubletime, decreased missed meals and completion of DSR/variance report and other measures as applicable). a. Evaluates the efficiency of department daily operations and supports cost-effective resource utilization and financial outcomes through the monitoring of meal periods, incidental overtime, contract hours and compliance with organizational and departmental attendance and punctuality standards. Keeps Department Manager aware of trends and ensure performance management (up to written disciplinary action) as needed. b. Ensures adequate daily staffing and department schedules are managed within budgetary standard. Authorizes overtime or scheduling changes as needed. c. Prepares, approves and posts final schedule in collaboration with Nurse Manager. d. Approves vacation schedule in accordance with departmental and organizational standards. e. Coaches and mentors department staff to make cost effective decisions and use resources prudently as it relates to supplies, scheduling practices and compliance with organizational and departmental timekeeping standards. f. Accurately and efficiently completes daily edits in Kronos to assure compliance with organizational and department standards. g. Facilitates the management of patient flow with admissions, discharges and/or transfers. h. In partnership with department manager will review and ensure accuracy of charge reconciliation.
  • 5. EMPLOYEE PARTNERSHIP SURVEY a. Shows improvement in unit participation in the annual Employee Partnership Survey (Press Ganey). b. Shows improvement in unit overall Partnership Score (Press Ganey).
  • 6. QUALITY AND SAFETY (compared to UHC benchmark as applicable) a. CLABSI b. CAUTI c. HAPU d. Patient Falls e. Core Measures
  • 7. PATIENT EXPERIENCE a. HCAHPS Score – Communication with Nurses b. HCAHPS Score – Response of Hospital Staff c. HCAHPS Score – Hospital Environment: Quietness d. HCAHPS Score – Pain Management e. HCAHPS Score – Communication About Medications f. HCAHPS Score – Discharge Information
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications:

  • Req Bachelor’s degree Nursing Degree in Nursing (BSN).
  • Req 3 years Acute care nursing experience as a registered nurse.
  • Req Strong critical and strategic thinking, analytical and planning skills.
  • Req Organization/time management skills.
  • Req Excellent communication skills.
  • Req Values diversity and team work.
  • Req Demonstrates integrity; is ethical in conduct and decision thinking.
  • Req Demonstrates initiative, creativity and flexibility and is tolerant of change and ambiguity.
  • Req Demands accountability of self and others.
  • Req Proficient computer skills in Microsoft Office as well as Internet access and utilization.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Pref Master’s degree Nursing Master’s Degree in Nursing or in progress, strongly preferred* Master’s Degree in Nursing may be in lieu-of Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.
  • Pref Specialty Certification

Required Licenses/Certifications:

  • Req Registered Nurse – RN (CA Board of Registered Nursing) Valid California RN License.
  • Req Basic Life Support (BLS) Healthcare Provider from American Heart Association
  • Req Fire Life Safety Training (LA City) If no card upon hire, one must be obtained within 30 days of hire and maintained by renewal before expiration date. (Required within LA City only)
  • Req Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Healthcare Provider from American Heart Association

The annual base salary range for this position is $133,120.00 – $219,648.00. When extending an offer of employment, the University of Southern California considers factors such as (but not limited to) the scope and responsibilities of the position, the candidate’s work experience, education/training, key skills, internal peer equity, federal, state, and local laws, contractual stipulations, grant funding, as well as external market and organizational considerations.

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