Research Laboratory Assistant – (Los Angeles, California, United States)

A Research Laboratory Assistant in the study of Alzheimer’s disease is needed to support the research activities of Dr. Hussein Yassine at the University of Southern California.  This is a one year, fixed term grant supported position.

The Research Laboratory Assistant will assist Dr. Yassine and research personnel in a laboratory setting.   This position will perform general laboratory procedures according to lab and safety protocols.  Research Lab Assistant will maintain laboratory supplies, workspace and equipment to support research activities in an organized and timely manner.  Candidate will also perform research data analysis and provides interpretations.  Contributes to the development of research documentation for publication and/or prepares technical reports, papers and/or records. This position involves working with animals and cells.

Analyzes and evaluates research data utilizing computers and provides interpretations requiring significant knowledge of a specialized area of research.  Searches literature, utilizing all available resources including electronic, new methodology, and designs experiments accordingly.


Preferred Education:       Bachelor’s Degree

Preferred Experience:     Laboratory equipment and protocols, cell culture and microscopy

Preferred Field of Expertise:  Culture studies, interpretation, and collection

Posting Salary Range: $ TBN

Percentage of Time: 100%

Fixed Term:    4/01/2020 –  3/31/2021   

Minimum Education: Less than high school
Minimum Experience: 0 – 6 months
Minimum Field of Expertise: Must be able to follow detailed instructions, oral and written, and read labels

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